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Image by Sinitta Leunen

Therapy for your Saturn Return*

Rarely do things feel simple, straightforward or easeful when you're in the throws of a Saturn Return, so its no wonder you're feeling like you're in the trenches. Every day it's feeling more clear that your way of managing "sticks" isn't working. For many folks these are years of major transformation, finding your own path, finding space from the paths of inherited scripts, and building deep relationships (with yourself and others).

*I am not an astrologer, just a borrower of resonant and wise framings for the human experience.

Saturn what?

Saturn returns to the place it was in the sky at the time of your birth every 27-30(ish) years, so folks find themselves here at the end of their 20s, 50s, and 80s. According to Chani Nicholas, you can expect three distinct themes from these seasons of life: a movement from one era of life to the next, accountability & responsibility, and navigating the growth edges. 

I find there to be something undeniable about the power of these pockets of years. I love working with clients during their Saturn Return because I’ve been there. I am able to see you because I learned how to see myself. I know the intensity of this season and know that there is a deep breath waiting for you on the other side. Your journey will definitely be your own... Saturn makes that a bit unavoidable what with the whole accountability-responsibility-personal-growth-edges business. But I want you to know that I trust this process because I've felt it. And I totally believe in you.

Traveler, your footprints
are the only road, nothing else.
Traveler, there is no road;
you make your own path as you walk.
As you walk, you make your own road,
and when you look back
you see the path
you will never travel again.
Traveler, there is no road;
only a ship's wake on the sea.

"Caminante, no hay camino"

by Antonio Machado

Caminante, son tus huellas

el camino y nada más;

Caminante, no hay camino,

se hace camino al andar.

Al andar se hace el camino,

y al volver la vista atrás

se ve la senda que nunca

se ha de volver a pisar.

Caminante, no hay camino

sino estelas en la mar.

Image by Planet Volumes
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