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About Erin (she/her)

Imperfect gardener, Dabbling folk herbalist, Auntie, HSP, Ambivert

I help people who are longing to feel ease and belonging in their own body.

I want you to be able to move through life present, able to feel stillness,

and without the barrage of thoughts to which you're probably accustomed. 

In my past-life (before becoming a therapist), I worked in nonprofits, education,

and community organizations. After experiencing and witnessing firsthand

the rampant burnout in change making spaces, and doing some deep discernment

about my role in the social change ecosystem... I began my journey to

become a therapist. The path my career has taken, with my foundation having a social justice orientation, directly informs the energy I bring to the therapy room. I strive to practice with an anti-racist and intersectional approach. When you work with me, we will talk about systems of power and oppression and how those impact what you're experiencing. 

I have worked my whole therapist career in private practice. This means a long-term approach to therapy is totally baked into how I show up. I am here for the long-haul, and know what a difference it can make when your therapist really knows you. No one's therapy experience will be the same, and long-term therapy isn't right for everyone; that is okay too. Know that while we are working together, I am fully in your corner

I love to help adults break free of stress response patterns that are consuming your days. For many of my clients these stress response patterns are intertwined with trauma histories, and you may know the patterns as fawn/freeze/flight/fight. I am passionate about working with survivors because they tend to be non-judgmental, deeply empathetic, justice oriented, driven people- especially once their trauma responses have quieted and they feel safe enough. Y'all, the world needs these vibes. Healing loops of trauma responses allows people to experience a real sense of spaciousness and an energy that's totally separate from trauma-adrenaline.

I am not an old school therapist– I want to laugh with you (yes, breaking intergenerational cycles in spite of late stage capitalism is serious work, and yes, laughter continues to be medicine), I’m going to swear, and I’m going to come up with some weird metaphors that support you in seeing your experience more clearly.

When I'm not practicing therapy, you can find me playing with my cat (Cashmere), soaking up time with loved ones, and finding my way to hands on hobbies.


My Background

Continuing Training & Education

I have training in trauma informed care and dissociation, including:

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Level 1: Sensorimotor for Trauma addresses supporting a client with however trauma may be showing up in their body and their nervous system.

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Level 2: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Developmental Injury addresses the interaction between traumatic, attachment, and developmental issues and how to provide effective treatment given their inevitable intertwining.

I am also certified through Prepare/Enrich and am excited to use tools from that program to support folks in non-traditional relationship structures!

Formal Education & Credentials

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy from Loyola University Maryland in 2010 and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from University of Baltimore in 2020.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor: LC13395

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