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I work with folks who are feeling hijacked by stress way more than feels tenable.

I create space where together we slow everything down, so that you can unmask and build meaningful relationships (with yourself and others).

Remember the game “pick up sticks” (yup, from the 80s/90s)? Every day you’re picking up way too many sticks: there’s the mind-racing stick, the frozen-body stick, the people-pleasing stick, the your-mother’s-voice stick, the burned-out stick… You feel confused, frustrated and guilty (not to mention exhausted) when again and again something happens and your reaction doesn’t feel like you. This is groundhog day in the life of Weird Barbie, except instead of getting to hang with other outcast barbies, all those sticks have you feeling disconnected. And your chaotic family is not making any of this easier (to say the least). 


You’ve tried ignoring the sticks, controlling the sticks, changing the sticks, talking to old school therapists about the sticks, laughing at the sticks… everything the “experts” have said works. But it hasn’t for you. 


Remember Peter Pan (I promise not all my metaphors are throwbacks) and how hard he tried to catch his shadow? What if, instead, his shadow was able to be seen* and to belong, appreciated for being exactly who he was. I am a somatic trauma therapist, which means I helps you slow down, listen to your body, and trust yourself as we untangle your past and your present. As one of our fave sci fi queens, Ursula K. LeGuin, said, “Gradually the healing took place, seeming as it always does that it wasn't taking place.” Over time this slowness, listening and untangling opens space for transformation. New experiences where masking isn't a main character and deep relationships feel possible.


*This is one of the many points where the connection between therapy and politics feels important and undeniable. No one feels seen when their identity is invalidated/oppressed/dismissed/ignored. I love working with queer folks, non-monogamous folks, fat folks, survivors (Trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, DID), and default parents. In the same vein, until we're able to do away with it as a requirement (because it's a bullshit hurdle), I will be happy to provide letters for folks seeking gender affirming care.

I provide therapy for...

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Your Saturn Returns Year(s)
Apprx. Ages: 27–31, 56–60

Rarely do things feel simple, straightforward or easeful when you're in the throws of a Saturn Return, so its no wonder you're feeling hijacked by stress. Every day it's feeling more clear that your way of managing "sticks" isn't working. For many folks these are years of major transformation, finding your own path, finding space from the paths of inherited scripts, and building deep relationships (with yourself and others).

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Your Matrescence / Parentrescence
Appx. Ages: Whenever Is Right For You

Becoming your parent-self is a full on journey. Everything you thought you had figured out... somehow has ended up out the window. Part of this chapter means swimming through your childhood... again. It makes complete sense that you're feeling hijacked by stress. Your "sticks" are your childhood wounds and people toxic positivity-izing this era. For many folks, these are years of deepening transformation, and finding presence in your own voice.

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I practice on the ancestral and unceded territory of the Piscataway People.

410 - 645 - 0748

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